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10 Juli 2017
New Arrival 100717
New Arrival at GZtoystore 100717 detail

9 Juli 2017
New Arrival 080717
New Arrival at GZtoystore 080717 detail

21 Juni 2017
New Arrival 190617
New Arrival at GZtoystore 190617 detail

18 Juni 2017
New Arrival 160617
New Arrival at GZtoystore 160617 detail

11 Juni 2017
New Arrival 080617
New Arrival at GZtoystore 080617 detail

6 Juni 2017
NEWS: DC Collectibles
NEWS: DC Collectibles Items Cancelled detail

30 Mei 2017
New Arrival 290517
New Arrival at GZtoystore 290517 detail

26 Mei 2017
New Arrival 230517
New Arrival at GZtoystore 230517 detail

21 Mei 2017
New Arrival 190517
New Arrival at GZtoystore 190517 detail

18 Mei 2017
New Arrival 170517
New Arrival at GZtoystore 170517 detail

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How to Buy

How to Order
Ordering is very easy at GZtoystore.com! Simply go to the item you are interested in and click on the Button. This will put 1 of that item into your cart. If you need more than 1 of that item, you can either click that Order Button again, or you can adjust the quantities on the checkout page.

We offer 2 forms of payment:
1. Bank Wire Transfers. This  is the best option if you need your product right away. The turn-around time on wire transfers is immediate once the money is confirmed in our account. Please contact us and we will provide you with the necessary information.
2. Paypal.

- Please allow 2 to 3 business days for your order to ship
- For domestic shipping we ship via Tiki/Wahana/JNE (traceable) or Local Forwarder as arranged
- For international shipping we ship via EMS (traceable)

Pre-order Term
- Down payment is needed, and non refundable.
- Full payment must be sent maximum 2 weeks after your order has arrived
- We reserve the rights to close any pre-order anytime before deadline
- If price is in US Dollar / SG Dollar / HK Dollar, rate will be using BCA selling rate (TT Counter) at www.bca.co.id.  Rate converted on THE DAY OF ITEM ARRIVAL at GZ Warehouse. Which will be announced at this website (in "news" section)
- We makes every attempt to fill every single preorder we receive. However, there may be issues out of our control such as allocation, manufacturer cancellation, etc. that may affect our ability to fill all preorders. Please note that these issues rarely occur and we have a very good record of filling all customer preorders.

Return Policy
Returns and refunds are determined on a case-to-case basis and will be given at the discretion of GZ.
We do not offer refunds or rebates for the following cases:
1. Item/packaging damage as a result of transit or mishandling by postal services.
2. Manufacturing defect or QC issues affecting random pieces.
3. Factory seal on products has been broken; or if item has been played with.
4. Paint over/ undersprays.

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